Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Hi Mitch"

Welcome to the fun of Sunday.

Let's get this bad boy started, shall we? First off, Benjy did NOT break his ankle yesterday. He did bruise it pretty bad, and probably had a mild sprain, but no break.

I think he was disappointed.

On the way home from church, we got our title for today. Sure, you are all thinking, they named there new son Mitch? Nope, that has nothing to do with it, especially since he still hasn't decided to leave the friendly confines of his mommy. Can't seem to be able to bribe him with my cooking, either.

So, back to my little tale. We were driving down the main street in Batavia, no it's not actually called Main Street, when we came upon a cross walk. Normal people, I think, tend to actually wait for traffic to either lighten, or not be present, before crossing. True, there is a cross walk, but you are putting a lot of faith in the brakes of a vehicle that you are not familiar with, and that is coming down a fairly steep hill.

Not these two youngsters.

Nope, they just started walking across the street. Being the defensive driver that I am, and have become, I just knew that they would just keep on walking, so I stopped with plenty of space before the cross walk. The car behind me didn't like it, neither did I, but I really didn't feel like filling out a bunch of paperwork, putting my wife into the hospital, or having to wash my car, so I stopped.

You usually get a wave of thanks, or embarrassment, when this happens. Not with these two. For some reason, the male punk turned towards us, and was either yelling at me (I don't think so) or his punk girlfriend (in which case she needs a new boyfriend).

"Where's your pride, Bitch!"

Or something like that. The only word that Jenni and I know was said/yelled, was the last one. To which we (being Jenni) responded with something like, "Nice."

Danny also heard what was yelled. We liked his version better.

"He said, Hi Mitch!"

God Bless!!

P.S. - Keep Jenni and the baby in your prayers, as tomorrow is the amniocentesis that will confirm the baby's lung development. Then on Tuesday, maybe she'll let me "live blog" the birth!!

As long as I don't pass out, of course.