Friday, June 19, 2009

I Wonder?

Looking at my Google Reader this morning and it's 352 entries, was more but I have been whittling it down. I noticed something.
Something that has bothered me, slightly, but bothered me just the same.
You see, I tend to read all my, I will call them "extra stuff" first and save my "good stuff" for last. Unfortunately, I never get around to the "good stuff" and the "extra stuff" keeps piling on.
To help you along my mental charade, I will explain myself further. Or maybe I'm explaining it to myself, or maybe I'm explaining it to those little voices.
You know the ones, right?
Please tell me I'm not alone.
"Extra Stuff" is the stuff I read that I either cannot comment on (because I can't find a comment button), or just don't comment on. These are my sites I enjoy reading, but rarely feel compelled to comment on, like stuff about the Denver Broncos, politics, weird stuff, etc. I figure that I can get away with reading that stuff, and not worry about commenting because they are more like news stories, if you will. Of course, now I wonder if maybe I am neglecting them by not commenting, hmm.
Probably not.
Now my "Good Stuff" is generally from people like you, that have read and commented on my stuff - God Bless You all! I figure that I can get to read AND comment when I am at home and have more time.
Did I just seriously say that?
Anyway, I feel that I have neglected you all, and I feel really terrible about it. So, in order to rectify that situation I will probably be filling your com boxes with lots of my "stuff" which may, or may not, be completely sane ramblings. Or something like that.
You have been warned.