Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why You Should NEVER Double-Dog-Dare A Large Man With A Sweet Tooth

Dear followers of this saga,

When last we left you, we had this happy man.

Now I am here to tell you (pardon me Paul Harvey) The Rest of the Story.

This is my sister in-law Jenni. She's on the right, Dana is on the left and had absolutely NOTHING to do with any of this, since she and Ben live in Colorado.

**Funny story, I am married to a Jenni, my youngest brother was married to a Jenni (now married to a Megan), my younger brother thought he might marry a Jenni(married a Jamie instead), my youngest brother in-law is married to a Jenni, and my younger brother in-law didn't want to have anything to do with a Jenni and married a Dana, which isn't even close to being a Jenni. Imagine the get-togethers if we all married Jenni's. Of course it wouldn't necessarily be all Jenni's, there would probably be a Jenny and a Jen and a Jennifer, but I digress** (ED: I apologize for what basically was a wasted paragraph from a wasted mind, or something like that).

She is totally responsible for the images you are about to see. Okay technically Benjy is, because he took them, but if it weren't for this Jenni, here with her daughter A.

Then this Jenni, wouldn't have THAT face... (notice my fingers pointing toward the guilty party.)

Everyone on the same page? Good, because I think I will just have to make you wait - you know, to build up a following and all that jazz...

Okay, you're right. Not a good idea, otherwise my three readers will dwindle back to two. :(

So, Jenni came to town, she lives in Minnesota with her husband and two darling little angels, J and A. Well, J had a birthday (number 7!) on February 22, but they were up there in their frozen tundra, while we weren't exactly toasty down here. So, they came down to visit, and we threw in a birthday party to boot. Here is the now infamous family from the great white north of Minnesota (they look guilty don't they?)

Imagine a cake that was actually a toll house cookie on a cookie sheet. Good-sized cookie, wouldn't you say? J loves Spider-Man, so naturally he loves spiders?!? Anyway, Jenni decorated the cake with chocolate frosting, that made it look like a spider and his/her web.
Pretty talented, that Jenni. Here is what the spider and part of the cookie/cake looked like. See the spider?
In case you missed the first one. :)

Well we are goofing around and the next thing I know, I am being challenged to eat the spider, the to eat the spider AND the cookie it is attached to. (No, not the whole tray of cookie. That would be really hard to do, even for moi.)

Well, dares turned to double dares, then Double dog-dare, then my mother in-law chimes in. "If she triple dog-dares you, you HAVE to do it. My Jenni was nowhere to be seen - I think she was talking on the phone about something much more important that dares and the like.

Here is he size of the cookie, roughly five inches in diameter...

Notice how thick the frosting is...

Do you think she's happy?

Couldn't stop laughing...

Our hero (and none too bright neither)...

I better go and lie down now, as my stomach seems to be reliving this.

Good Night and God Bless!