Sunday, April 6, 2008

Benjy and Jordan Got Confirmed Today

I would like to present to you...

Benjamin John(of God) Miller

Jordan Maria(Goretti) Hankes.

Today was their Confirmation date. They are now considered adults in the Church's eyes. Not quite yet in ours, but they are definitely closer. :)

A couple of bits from this week's homilies regarding Confirmation:

"We have given you the tools you need, like someone that goes out and buys $100 running shoes, and then sits on the couch admiring them. Except we don't want you to admire the tools we have given you, we don't want you to sit on the couch..." ~ Monsignor Deutsch (paraphrased a bit by me, since I cannot remember it exactly.)

"I want you all to go home and thank your parents. Because they have spent a lot of their time and money into preparing you for this day, and your life. And up until this moment, you have been a dead-loss" ~ Bishop Doran (again a bit of paraphrasing going on.)

All in all the ceremony was very lovely, we had two Monsignor's and the Bishop anointing the children, about 150 in all.

Because it is the diocese's centennial year the Bishop decided to have every parish make a 'pilgrimage' so our trip was to Aurora Central Catholic High School. It would have been nicer in our Church, but it still was a great experience for everyone, especially Benjy and Jordan.

Again, I say congratulations to the newly Confirmed. God has given you the tools you need, now go out and use them.

God Bless.