Saturday, April 12, 2008

What To Do With This Life Of Mine?

Today, I went through a 'specialization day' with my Ministry Formation class. This is a day where we picked three different subjects, or ministries, in which we have an interest in. They include: Youth Ministry, Family Life, Evangelizing, Religious Ed, Compassionate Care, Justice and something (sorry, I can't remember), Respect Life and Diaconate.

I think that was all of them.

Okay, so I picked Evangelizing, Diaconate and Family Life. Why? Well, I am already pretty involved in Religious Ed and with Youth Ministry, so why not spread my wings a little you know.

First up, Evangelizing. I enjoyed this class very much, the presenter was very enthusiastic and told great stories about how she evangelizes, etc.. Did a huge plug for Light of the World retreats and talked about how we should be evangelizing in our every day lives. Okay, I'm good with that, and will try to do more as life continues me along this journey - wherever that is taking me.

Next, the Diaconate. Okay, to be honest with you, I really didn't think that I would get a whole lot out of this. I mean let's get real here. I have six kids, aged 17, 13, 10, 8, 5, and 2. Not exactly allowing for a lot of extra time with those stats, now is there? God has a great sense of humor, because after listening to Monsignor Shwartz, I honestly felt like this was where I was to go next.

Uh, did I mention the kids?

I did, and since I have a great knack with the kids, any kid it seems, Monsignor threw this my way... "Your ministry could be with anything we are talking about today, even youth ministry."

Okay, now that is freaking scary.

Plus there is a lot of homework and other stuff that is included. AND you have to be spiritually mature. I don't think that I am, at this point... Again from the Monsignor "We're not looking at your education, or anything like that, we will train you." Homework! "Not as much as Ministry Formation..." I seriously doubt this, because first off, it's a five year program, as opposed to the current two year program I am in. "Your wife has to be in totally, you are a team. She would be the wife of a Deacon, not a Deacon's wife (okay, totally paraphrasing here, but he basically was saying that my wife would need to be a partner with me through my journey(if I were to take it) and that she would NOT be expected to do what I was)" That will seal the deal, Jenni doesn't want to do that. Maybe. We'll have to pray on it.

Okay, when I pray on things like this wonderful and mystical things start to happen, like I become more mature, responsible and committed to doing something correctly and properly. Or something like that. Will my heart convince my mind that this is what I want to do, at this time? I have thought about it before, but the kids were my best excuse. However, by the time I would complete the program, which doesn't start until next summer, the kids will be 23, 19, 16, 14, 11, and 8. A lot more manageable.

But Jenni would have a larger load to handle around the house. Okay stop, before I bust a gut from laughing so much. Who exactly, do you think is doing it already. Oh yeah, you have a point.

I'm going to be praying on it, and I am asking you all to do the same for me, please.

Finally, I went to Family Life, after lunch, in a warm room. Enough said.

That's it for now, more later as I have a letter to post. I wonder what it will be?