Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jordan Update

They still don't know what is going on with her body and she continues to have these weird moments of pain. Hard to watch, can't imagine how it feels. They were supposed to do some tests today, but before they were going to start she started having another episode, with vomiting, so the doctors decided that they would change tactics. Whatever that means. Anyway, they have now moved her on to a new hospital Central DuPage in Winfield, because it has an association with Children's Hospital. To be honest, I never was a fan of where she was, especially after having two of my children have problems there at childbirth.

Anyway, thanks for those of you keeping her in your prayers, I know that she appreciates it. I forgot to mention this earlier, she is 14 and was just confirmed two Sundays ago, there is a picture of her down there somewhere.

Keep strong Jordi, we're all here for you kiddo. I love you ~ you fairy Godfather (that's what she has called me since she was five.)