Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sightings

Going to church with a two-year old is always fun. Too bad I'll miss it. (He turns three on Friday).

I always love Mass during Lent.

Drywall is heavy, thankfully there are nice and helpful employees at Menard's.

Welcome to March, roaring in like a lion. Yay! So excited about the freaking cold weather, especially while loading some heavy drywall into my van, and then unloading the same drywall a short while later. Cold weather, you can go away now. Please.

Seeing my daughters smile because of her new room, makes me feel warm in my heart. Now, if she could just be a tad bit more patient, and let me finish. :)

Joint compound takes a while to dry.

I have a really strong pitching staff for my fantasy baseball team. We had a live draft, and I think it went well. Live drafts RULE! Well, at least they are more fun than just letting the computer pick away for you.

I can't believe that Jeff Gordon came in sixth today, especially after blowing that left front tire and shredding his fender. Could be his year, at least until I just jinxed him. Sorry Jeff.

I can't believe I put up a whole bedroom, with a door no less, in one weekend. I better cool it before Jenni gets any more ideas. :)

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget I'm looking for questions to answer.

Okay, bye.