Sunday, March 8, 2009

Answer Time

Okay, it's been a long and productive Sunday, which means I have nothing. Lucky for me, I ask for some questions to help me along.
Thanks Jeff!
1) Do you live/work right in Chicago? If not, how far away are you? We do not live nor work within the city of Chicago (too crowded, too expensive, too taxed). We live in a small town (about 25,000) called Batavia, that is about 40 miles due west of Chicago. It's a nice little town that has grown quite a bit since we moved here, about 15 years ago. Makes me want to move further west, where you get more house for your money, but the job is in Carol Stream, which is roughly twelve miles east of us, and a twenty minute commute. So unless I no longer need my current job, we probably will be staying put for a while. Which is why we are working on updating the house, well that and the fact that we have number seven on the way.
2) How bad has the parking violations and towing gotten since it was privatized in Chicago? Can people waiting behind you at a red light in downtown Chicago wait more than 5 milliseconds before honking the horn after it turns green? Thankfully I do not need to park in Chicago, we always take the train, it's so much easier, and cheaper. For example, I can park at the Forest Park train station for $3 and that's for 15 hours, then I can ride the train anywhere, on any line for less than $3. As opposed to driving down to, let's say Wrigley Field, and trying to find a parking spot for less than $25. Which would you choose? Granted the public transportation way takes a little longer, but I prefer going to Cubs games that way. Plus, even a parking meter costs you $3.50 for, I think, two hours and you can only use quarters, so imagine lugging all that change around, just to park. No thank you.
As for the horn honking, I don't even think the cabs wait that long. We like to occasionally walk along Michigan Avenue (okay we've only done it a handful of times), and you always hear a horn being honked. It goes so well with the Christmas decorations, and holiday spirit, don't you think?
3) Have you seen that commercial where the guy gets on a plane in Mpls and flies to Chicago to get his pregnant wife a pizza for lunch? Is that a true story? I haven't seen it, but I'm sure that it's true, after all it is on television and they wouldn't try to mislead us, right? Although I could see someone trying it, it's only a 55 minute flight I think, but don't forget to add two hours on both sides for security. Then there is the ordering, and do you have it delivered or do you do a pick up? I mean if the husband left by 6AM, he might have it back in time for lunch, I guess.
See how much fun that was? I mean I had absolutely nothing tonight, and Jeff saved me. Thanks again Jeff. Hope you don't mind my combining the questions, they seemed to naturally go together.
Now, if you want to have some fun, like Jeff did, send me your questions.

Look, we play the Star Spangled Banner before every game. You want us to pay income taxes, too? - Bill Veeck, Chicago White Sox

Let's play two - Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs