Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zoe Has A Lot Less Spleening To Do

Our twelve-year old Golden Retriever no longer has a spleen.

This is a good thing. You see, her spleen had some growths on it, and apparently one had burst; which was the cause of Zoey having a few seizures and getting a bit on the lethargic side. Not good.

One good thing though, is having a friend that is a veterinarian (Now, if I could only meet a dentist). He diagnosed Zoey with the tumor, by taking a few quick x-rays. They showed what appeared to be a huge growth on her spleen. So after some quick counseling, and a check into the bank account, we decided to go for the surgery.

She had it today, and did great! 

Her spleen however... no looky so good. What should have been a relatively smooth surface, looked the the great sand dunes, with one really large dune - the one we saw on the x-ray. Now, I know that you are wanting some pictures, and we have them, but they aren't very pretty. 




Would be coming, but I don't have them just yet. (whew! right?)

I may or may not show them, it depends on how numb my brain is.

Oh and if I get permission from the patient, of course.