Monday, March 23, 2009

Chunky Walks Briskly Bringing Weight Change

So this dude that weighs in at a whole lot more than he should decided it was time to lose the chunk. 

Little did he know that his lovely bride was thinking that he should do the same, because she likes to wrap her arms around him, and currently cannot. 

His children are also on the "lose the chunk" bandwagon, because they want him to keep buying them cool stuff. 

They all conspired together, even the 'Chunky Monkey,' to get his act together. Because even though he can be a pain in the butt at times, they still love him and want him to stick around for a lot longer. They don't even need the cool stuff, just their daddy and husband.

This is his story. It will be updated occasionally, with information like what he ate, how far he walked/ran, if he had any Moose Tracks ice cream. In fact, one of his children even volunteered to eat all of the ice cream in the house, to keep his Dad from being tempted. What a good boy.

Anyway, today was day one and he went for a mile and a half, or maybe it was a two mile, walk at a brisk pace. So stay tuned for future updates from Chunky, and maybe he'll even throw his weight in here for those of you charting at home.

God Bless!