Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ideas From Anonymous

Wow, talk about your - well I can't really call it divine intervention, but why not? I mean, maybe God wants to know these things. Okay, scratch that He already does, doesn't He.

Anyway, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but several questions in need of some answering. Just think, my brain was numb a few minutes ago, but now it has been shot up with adrenaline, (at least for one or two questions) so let's go:

1) Do you enjoy home improvement projects? You do an often lot of them. Short answer, No. Long answer; no not really. The reason I do a lot of them, is because I kind of need to. Money does not grow on trees. Trust me, I used to think it did as well. Sheesh! Well, at least there is still a Santa Claus, right? Seriously though, there is a part of it that I like, that would be the part where I can look back on my completed projects with a feeling of pride at a job well done. Now, if I could just complete some of these projects.

2) Coke or Pepsi? Fries or chips? Neither, because I'm a total Diet Coke fan addict. No other soda will do, well, except maybe an occasional Dr. Pepper. Are we talking American fries or English chips? Not really the same thing, except that we Americans call them all french fries, right? This question, like all questions, should be answered on several different levels (stall much?) because I am quite the connoisseur of fine foods, such as fries and chips. Of the major fast food joints, I still prefer McDonald's fries over all others. It's the sugar that they are soaked in, no doubt. However the best fries I ever had were actually called chips, from a little fish-n-chips stand in Feltwell England, surprisingly, since I'm not a big fan of fish I actually tried them. Not bad, then when you add some vinegar - yum!

Are Cheez-its considered a chip? If so, then they would be the ones that rock the world of my chip eating. If not, I'll go with Pringles, especially the salt and vinegar kind, I guess that English taste stuck with me, although the Pringles are a little more tart, or is it bitter? Hmm. I think my mind is going numb again.

Okay that's it for tonight. I have to think about what I'm going to say for the next three questions - I had to get the hard ones out of the way first. Plus, maybe I can get Mr/Miss Anonymous to come back for at least one more visit.

Night all!