Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Stream of Screed

Don't ask!

I really have no idea where these titles come from, okay I do know that they come from my mind, but I am not aware of it until... Forget it.

  • Back on the Road Again by REO Speedwagon and What's Your Name by Lynyrd Skynyrd deal with the same theme... Those godless rock -n- rollers loving and leaving them. How rude!

  • Andy wants me to mention here that the Cubs have swept the Brewers, even though he has his own blog. He wants to be a journalist when he grows up, but doesn't want to journal a story about his Cubbies. Ironic, no?

  • You Can Fly (From Peter Pan) is playing right now... Anybody know who wrote the song?

  • John McCain's new ad seems to have struck a nerve with the Obamessiah, so he'll probably pull it and back down. I hope not, it's funny. Unfortunately I lost the link, sorry about that. :)

  • This was one Big-Assed Pig, now the kid is feeling the heat from PETA. (h/t nicedeb)

  • Hey the Cubs won!! Did you know that?

  • My family is all back together again, yea!! All the kids have returned from their various camps; Andy -First Call (a camp for those that may be interested in pursuing a life as a priest), and the girls (Jessie and Katie) are back from Totus Tuus (I think I spelled that right, if not Benjy will correct me ), which used to be called Catholic and Cool Camp.

  • Maggie is jumping off the diving board!! Awesome, now I just have to get a picture - here's one of Katie a few years ago that is one of my favorites.
  • John Lynch's career with my beloved Denver Broncos is over. I wish him the best in whatever the future holds for him.
  • Our CEO seems to be pleased with what we are doing here, so I guess I still have a job for a little while.
  • Danny has some weird rash/hives kind of thing going on, poor kid.
  • My boss won't let me off the phone, so this is getting weird here, I think, so I shall stop.

There you have it, another episode (I think this is number 2) of what just pops into my head, hope it wasn't too confusing, because it will become a semi-regular feature, unless I forget of course. :)

Have a great evening!