Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh How I Love to Play

And now that I know how to do this, without having to do that, well...

you know.

Okay, maybe you don't, shall I explain myself?

You see I read several blogs throughout the day - not at work mind you, because I have Big Brother watching me, and I have to be very, very careful. I had a rant about it a while back but Jenni convinced me that I need my job, more than my First Amendment Rights. Of course the rant was after hours...

But I digress.

One blog in particular - I'm sure others do this as well, but it was Beth's at It's Our Wonderful Life that I noticed first. What am I talking about? Could it be the music? No, I already had that a couple of times, in fact I need to get it back one of these days. How about the cute family pictures? Nope, I have those as well. Why it can't be that cute signature thingy, could it?


Now, I went and made all kinds of signatures at some have even made their way here. There was this incarnation...

And let's not forget this one...

Or this...

All great, no? The problem I was having was with remembering to put the signature there. Being lazy, I would just ignore it and then one day, today in fact, I got the courage to de-lurk myself and ask the question to Beth herself, and she answered!!

Way Cool Beth!

She explained to me, in terms that even I could understand, that all I had to do was copy the mylivesignature code into the post template place in the blogger formatting settings.... hold on, I'll just copy what she said here:

The signature I got from and then I went to settings -- formatting -- post template (the very last item on the formatting page) and copied the html from the mylivesignature page there and it automatically puts the signature to each post!

See what I mean, way too easy!!

So now I have a personalized signature, with my real name even (say it isn't so!)

Anyway, that's my story. Hope you like the new siggy, I'm just not sure if green will be the right color for it.

Let me know what you think, okay? Oh and if you have other cool things that I can add to my blog, let me know, because I want to go BIG TIME!!