Friday, July 11, 2008

The New Me, Same As the Old Me - (sort of)

I am Roger.

I am Daddy.

I am Dad.

I am Mylhibug.

Now, I am Screed.

Okay, maybe not so dramatic, but I have felt that I needed a new/different identity. Of course the only thing that has changed is my name, which never really changed.

So now what?

A story maybe? An essay? Who knows what you will get when you view these pages. I hope that I haven't messed anybody up with the whole name change, it was not my intent. In fact, if anything it is an effort to get more of you here, more of you commenting. Plus 'A Screed in Time' makes a little more sense than 'Bug Tries Again,' that was more of a personal reference for myself, since this is something like the fourth incarnation of... Me.

Those of you that have followed me so far, please stay.

Those of you that are new.


Stop by often and leave a comment or two.

With that, a new era has begun, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I hope too.