Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Wide World of the Web

I think that I have become entangled in it.

Writing a blog is not so bad, no really, I mean there are no real deadlines. Although I was missed for a couple of days there when I practically dropped off the face of the Internet. Thank you for those of you that noticed. I appreciate it.

Next there was Facebook. I did it initially to kind of spy on my oldest - even told him that was what I was doing and made him be my friend. I am the mean daddy, and don't you forget it. Especially you little ones that just got their very own email addresses, I'll be needing those passwords, pronto!

I was cool with just those two facets of the web in my life. No really I was.

Then came Blogrush. Uh, I don't really use it properly, I think, because it keeps sending me to Japanese blogs. Maybe I should fine-tune my description, or something like that. I'll blame that one on Kalynne, since I saw her there first and she plugged it on her blog.

Next, I tried to play with my template. Sure I like it, but is it really me? I'm gonna have to keep it for a while, until I can think of something more spectacular, in an understated way. Holly used the Nap Warden to re-image herself, and while it's all glitter and pizazz, it might make me look like an extrovert. I can't have that, now can I?

Then came Twitter. Again I want to blame Kalynne, but she has had enough blame for one post and she is under a lot of summer schooling stress - actually her students are, but I digress.

I think I'm addicted to links this post. Sorry, I'll try to do better.

Now comes MySpace. Here I thought that MySpace was so 2006, when apparently it is still a very viable option when it comes to spying networking on the Internet. Oh did I mention that two of my kids have MySpace accounts? What actually got me started however, was my Uncle Albert.

My 65 year old Uncle Albert.

I figured if he could do it, why not I? With the added bonus that I might be able to get in touch with my three cousins; Albert, Shelly and Tina. So far Tina has accepted my friendship, Albert seems to not want any visitors and Shell is just a stud getting ready for grad school.

No, I am NOT intimidated. It is called being introverted and shy, thank you very much.

Finally (Thank Goodness!!), there is StumbleUpon. I get to blame Holly for this one.

I am such a follower, maybe I should do del.i.cious first? If that is even how you write that silly thing out.

Anyway, now I am stumbling through (no pun intended) with my friends Holly and Kalynne in the world of StumbleUpon. I think I understand it, then all of a sudden it gets really weird on me. I mean am I supposed to blog there, and at MySpace and at Facebook And Here? How the heck is that possible to do without repeating yourself. I know that StumbleUpon points to here, but can I do the same with the other two?

Please help me figure this out.