Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Burger, A Psychic, A Foot, Oh My! (and an outage to boot)

Okay in the craziness that is our world, I bring you three things. (significantly delayed by the powers that Blogger, because of an outage). Believe it or not, these things all have something in common.

A Burger by Burger King has set a new world record, and not because of the size of the patty or bun, but because of the price; $200! You heard me, Two-hundred United States dollars!! What the heck is going on?

LONDON — It's known as the home of 'The Whopper' and Burger King is hoping its latest product really lives up to its reputation. The fast-food giant launched a $200 burger Wednesday — all in the name of charity.

Setting a new record, the world's most expensive burger is available at just one restaurant in West London, England, once a week — but it will eventually be available to order via a hotline.

The fine ingredients of what is called simply 'The Burger' include Wagyu beef, white truffles, Pata Negra ham slices, Cristal onion straws, Modena balsamic vinegar, lambs lettuce, pink Himalayan rock salt, organic white wine and shallot infused mayonnaise in an Iranian saffron and white truffle dusted bun.

Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson told Sky News Online: "It sounds delicious. The ingredients are very good and high powered, but why are Burger King doing it?"

You know what? That chef has a very good question, why Burger King?

Now we go north to my favorite country of weird, Canada. This is a case of the government getting a little too big for it's collective britches, if you ask me. (Sounds familiar, right?)

A Barrie mother of an autistic girl is considering legal action against her local school board after a psychic's prediction to a special educational assistant sparked a sexual abuse report to the Children's Aid Society.

"I'm in shock," said Colleen Leduc, 38. "They reported me to Children's Aid because of a psychic. Can you imagine?"

The damaging allegations were resolved by child welfare authorities relatively quickly, but the case highlights the difficult and sometimes clumsy outcome of zero-tolerance policies and mandatory reporting regulations regarding child sexual abuse.

Yep. You read that right.

A psychic.

Why, oh why, does the government believe a psychic over plain old common sense. Apparently the young daughter was showing traits of being abused, these traits included; sticking her hands down her pants, spitting, seeking to sit on cold items and gyrating against staff members. These things happen with autistic children, that don't know better, AND her class mates would perform similar actions.

Lucky for them their name didn't start with a 'V' and have a psychic point them out.

Back to Canada!!

A Foot has washed up on the shore, once again.

This is number six.

Five of the six human feet found since last summer are right feet. The one discovered Monday in the Fraser River delta south of Vancouver was a left foot.

Police will not say if the lone left foot matches any of the right feet.

So are there six people out there missing feet? Hopefully they will call the authorities in Vancouver and claim them - I'm sure they are being kept on ice.

Aren't you glad the Blogger outage is over?