Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Third Time's The Charm

It started two years ago. Maggie wanted to learn how to ride her bike WITHOUT training wheels. Granted, she was only four at the time, but Benjy and Katie picked it up at four pretty easily, so it was worth a shot.

I think we went all of half a house before she cried out, "Daddy can we put the training wheels back on?"

She never asked again, for the rest of the year. Maggie was quite content riding her "Dora" bike, with the four wheels and so were we. I mean we didn't want her to grow up too soon, right?

The following year, her "Dora" bike no longer fit, so we moved up to a "princess" bike, with the promise of taking her training wheels off soon. 

Soon turned into two months later, when she begged me to take them off. 

I complied.

Maggie actually made a good try and I think that if she didn't fall... well, you know what came nest. "Daddy, can we put the training wheels back on?"

Then she went to Disney World with her grandparents, and I don't think she asked again until November. However, I being the smart Dad that I am realized that the seventy degree day we were currently enjoying, would soon be a thirty degree blustery day, so I deflected her desires. I was a mean Daddy then.

That brings us to this weekend, when Maggie wanted to start riding her bike, sans training wheels, immediately.

Good girl.

At least that was my initial thoughts, until she was struck by the fear of falling. Several laps up and down the block led to a frustrated Daddy, and an upset Maggie. We were saved by the sun going down, and the promise of Monday.

Monday came and went. I had to work late, so we never got around to trying again.

Until today.

She started off slow and I could feel the tension creeping into my neck, but then she had a breakthrough. You see, I start off behind her and give her lots of encouragement; "There you go Maggie... keep it going... nice and steady... you are doing great!" Before she knew it, I was running beside her, then in front of her. 

The smile was priceless.

Then she tried to turn. 

We'll have to work on that, I guess.

After we wash our hands. Oink, oink!