Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sing Me Out To The Ballgame

Girl's softball.

My, what a noisy game. I know that there is chatter in baseball of the likes:

"We need a pitcher, not a belly itcher"


"Hey batter batter, swing batter!"

Girls on the other hand, they sing.

They sing goofy songs. "... beat on the ball, beat on the ball, beat beat beat beat on the ball."

They even sing songs that I don't think are very appropriate, but since they are twelve and under, it must be okay, right?

Tonight, I witnessed a completely new facet of the singing.

Smack singing.

You all know what smack is, right? It's basically "trash talking" used to try and intimidate the opposing team.

Yeah, smack singing.

I wish I could remember the words, but it involved Britney Spears and Salt -n- Peppa (what twelve year old today even knows WHO Salt -n- Peppa are?), and shaking booty, and "no you didn't." It also has some "moves" that go along with the words.

Well this song, of which I will have to pay much closer attention to, was sung by our girls first. It was clear that the opposing team hadn't heard this one yet, because when they first tried it, they put in Helen Keller instead of Britney Spears, I think.

Severe mismatch, and they were called out by my daughter's team, who then decided to show them how it was done. Back and forth it went. I just wish I had my video camera, as it quite entertaining - as long as you don't look at it as being poor sportsmanship, or anything.

Jessica did good in the field, never letting a ball get past her, and she even got an RBI, I believe.

Oh, there was even an inside-the-park-home run for Jessie's team.

Granted there were two errors on the play, but hey, the girl that hit the ball, never stopped running. 

The game itself was interesting, with our team being the home team and trailing 21-14 going into the bottom of the sixth, or seventh (yes, I was paying attention, I had three younger ones with me, so shh!). So, the team that rarely scores the maximum allowed runs (five per inning, or you can score up to five more that the opposing team, until the last inning when you can score to your heart's content) down by seven.

Final score: 21-22, we win!!!