Monday, May 18, 2009

"If he'd had a gun he would have shot me, but it was a banana"

Okay, yes I am sleep-deprived right now, but I heard this story on the way in to work and couldn't resist sharing.

A teenager allegedly tried to hold up a convenience store with a banana, but ate the would-be weapon before police arrived.

Forsyth County sheriff's deputies arrested 17-year-old John Szwalla following the attempted robbery of the 109 Biz Center in North Carolina, the Winston-Salem Journal reports.

Szwalla allegedly walked into the store holding something under his shirt and asked for a Mountain Dew, before telling store owner Bobby Ray Mabe he had a gun and demanding money.

Mabe and a customer managed to grab the would-be robber and hold him down in a chair until police arrived.

"If he had a gun he would've shot me," Mr Mabe told the Journal.

"But he had a banana."

While waiting for the local sheriffs, Szwalla ate the banana.

Too bad the police thought to take a picture of the peel.
So he couldn't just split.