Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Day In My Life (well a Saturday at least)

Today was a blur, to say the least.

Wake up at 8:30 (I know, right?!)

Leave for soccer game at 9:15 - after a few panicked moments because I forgot where the waivers were, Ugh! (Sorry Jenni)

Soccer game at 10:00 - we tied 2-2 (bummer)

Jessica has a softball game at 11:30 - unfortunately, she was the odd person  out and no one saw her play.

Drive home to change into referee gear - 11:15

Leave for referee duties - 12:15

Referee game - 1:00 (Burgundy team wins 4-0, but it was 1-0 until about five minutes left, when there were three quick scores)

Katie has a softball game at 2:00 --- Andy also has the Prom to go to, we'll see him tomorrow after the after-prom around 5 AM! Think he'll be up in time for Mass at 8? 

Leave referee duties and head to Katie's softball game, in another town(far, far away (7 miles))

Get to Katie's game around 2:30

Game ends at 4:00 (right on time!)

Home at 4:30 - time to watch Maggie and her new two-wheel skills, and help Danny improve his four-wheel ability

Start thinking about dinner at 5:15

Start making spaghetti and meatballs at 5:20 - Jessie and Benjy leave for the store to get Mother's Day gift, Jenni goes to Wal-Mart for other stuff... delay making dinner until 6:00, because no one would be home to enjoy it.

Get a call from friend at 6:02 asking if Benjy and I would like to go to the Fire game tonight. Benjy and Jessie still not back from trip downtown, so I had to call Benjy to find out a) where he is, and b) if he wanted to go to the game. 

Call friend at 6:05 saying that we'll be over in fifteen minutes.

Ask Jenni if that is okay. (oops!)

Discover what my Mother's Day gift to Jenni is (finish cleaning the basement)

Pickup Benjy and Jessie at 6:12

Leave for Fire game at 6:20

Arrive at Fire game at 7:10 - yes we were flying! 

Watch Fire game 1-1 tie. They are now 2-0-6, still undefeated but not really satisfying with six ties.

Home at 10:30, blog post at 11:00.

Bed... Now!

Good Night and God Bless!!