Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sure Hope He Has A Plan

As you all may know, the Denver Broncos are my favorite professional football team.


I've had to deal with three not-so-stellar seasons, as of late, which caused Mike Shanahan to lose his job. Anyway, the offense is/was AWESOME. Ranked number 2, in fact. However their defense was rather porous.

Today is draft day in the world of the NFL, and Denver had two first round picks, in part because the new coach McDaniels had a little tiff with the starting quarterback, Jay Cutler, and had him traded to the Bears for their first round pick, this year and next, plus a number three and Kyle Orton. They acquired three more running backs during the off-season, and some defensive backs during free agency.

Cool, that means that we are going to just have to concentrate on defensive linemen and linebackers, right?


They picked one, defensive lineman in their first five picks.


The remaining four were, get this, a running back, two defensive backs, and a tight end.

I wonder what Mike Shanahan is thinking right now?

Probably just a little chuckle, I'm sure.