Monday, April 6, 2009


What a great episode to end season three with.

Asgard - Check!

Humor - Check!

Special Effects - Check!

Oh, and we meet the Replicators for the first time! Way cool!

Also, if you can believe it, this is my six hundredth post. Six hundred! Can you believe that I've been rambling on, and on, for six hundred posts? Granted, there have been no Asgard on this blog, but there may very well be, at some point. Especially if I continue to use Stargate SG-1 titles, as the title for blog posts. Did you even notice? Sneaky, aren't I? Oh and I did just start doing that, so in fairness, I didn't give you a chance to notice.

Sorry, surprises aren't my forte!

Humor? Me, funny? Sometimes. Sometimes I'm just a little weird, but hey who isn't, right? Besides, I try not to share the really weird stuff.

I apologize if I seem to be a little disjointed, but this show is cracking me up with Colonel O'Neill's comments, which again brings me back to the humor aspect. I like to laugh - keeps me young, or something like that.

Special effects. I have widgets. In fact, I just added one that shows up at the bottom of every post that will point you to another, interesting post that you might like to try. I'm curious to see how this works, and where it will lead the masses.

Speaking of Mass... Don't forget that this is the holiest week of the year for us Catholic Christians, so go to Mass - it'll do you some good.

As for the Replicators - my technology is too mundane for them, I guess.

Like Nemesis, this to shall be continued*...

*Fair Warning - it doesn't mean that I have anymore to say on this matter, just more of a "I'll be back" kind of thing,