Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's 1:17AM, Why am I Still Awake

I should be in bed.
I should be snoring (although there is no actual proof that I do, actually, snore. Just hearsay).
I should be looking forward to several hours of blissful sleep, I mean I am not as young as I used to be, and I may actually need the sleep.
So why, at 1:17AM, am I still awake?
Well, I was watching some of season three, make that four, of Stargate SG-1, but I came to the end of the DVD. So that can't possibly be it.
I'm deeply involved in Mafia Wars on Facebook, yet I had no more energy left, so what's the point? Although I do have over $75 million in the bank. If only that were true, especially since Jenni has over $145 million.
The television is still on, in fact I just saw that the Amazing Race is having an open casting call next Friday, from 10-2, talk about some globetrotting. On one hand that would be a lot of fun, but on the other, I have more important things at home. Sorry Phil, I'll have to sit this one out.
Truth be told, it was because of the movie "Annapolis." Because I found it to be interesting, although I really don't know why. Maybe because Mark, or was it Donnie, Wahlberg was in it. Or Tyrese, sorry his last name escapes me at the moment. I do not know. I just couldn't turn it off an go to bed.
That was over half an hour ago now, that it ended.
I'm still not tired, although I should be.
So here I write, and here you read.
I hope it made sense.