Friday, May 30, 2008

A Night At The Ballpark, Part 1

Off we go, into the great Cubs yonder!!

Yep, me and the top three, maybe I should re-phrase that to the oldest three, went to the "Friendly Confines" and saw the Cubs beat up on the Rockies.

No, I wasn't too happy - for the result, but I did have a great time with the kids AND Jessie got to see her first major league baseball game. Whoop-whoop!

Alas, it has been a long day, got home at 1:30 AM - yes, I said 1:30 AM! Then had to go to work all day and most of the night (just got home), so... I will have to continue with Part 2.

And Pictures. I promise.

No, really. I do.