Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Subway = Not Thinking On All Cylinders

Okay, maybe the title is a little harsh, but I mean come on, excluding home schoolers from a contest. Sure they can probably justify it because part of the "Grand Prize" is $5,000 of playground equipment for the school. If my kids were able to enter the contest and win, we would give the equipment to their former elementary school, I mean just because we are home schoolers doesn't mean that we aren't a part of the community, right?

At least they fixed their glaring misspellings, as noted here and here, but the promised explanation hasn't shown up. Isn't it amazing what kind of power the blogging community has.

Anyway, if you aren't home schooling your kids (WHY NOT?), and want to enter the contest, you can go here for more details. Not sure when the contest ends though.

I changed the title, so as not to appear too harsh. :)

Besides, I ran out of steam because I was distracted... follow the links for more coherent thought.