Thursday, May 1, 2008

A View From Roger's Brain

3:30 AM - Wakey, wakey Roger.

3:40 AM - I said wakey wakey, you need to get ready for your big road trip.

3:50 AM - Dude, I KNOW that you don't want to go, but it is your job and you are needed to be there... ZZZZzzzzzz.

4:20 AM - Whoa. What happened? I must have dozed off there. Now you NEED to get up!

4:30 AM - Can you make the water a little bit hotter, please?

4:45 AM - Who the heck is texting you at this hour? Must be Jeff... Oh look, he's here to pick you up, and early.

4:46 AM - How the heck do the kids type on these small keypads anyway... Stupid 8 button doesn't work very well, now does it?

Okay, now it's ten and my brain doesn't remember what it was thinking past the fact that it was a complete WASTE OF TIME!! Seven hour drive for a twelve minute wait in the lobby, followed by another seven minute wait for all the parties to get there, followed by ten minutes of actual work?

Oh well, I get paid by the hour at least. :)

I need to work on this voices thing, I think. At least I'll have a month of practice.