Saturday, May 24, 2008

Going Hog-Wild?

Okay so Jeff (Big Boss) and Dan showed up today, while riding their motorcycles...

Dan is training to get his license and finally Jeff was able to ride with him - meaning that it was warm enough for the big guy to take a ride.

I think that he is trying to convince me of getting a motorcycle. Uh, no. Mostly because Jenni says that she will divorce me if I do, but seriously, I don't like doing maintenance on a car so owning a motorcycle (which needs way more attention than a car).

Anyway, we convinced the kids - you'll see who was the hardest to convince from the pictures, to hop on board. As you can tell, we may not have to worry about Danny and motorcycles.
Maggie on the other hand...There might be a picture of me on one as well, but until I get clearance from Jenni (she doesn't want me to have anything to do with motorcycles, period.)I won't be posting that one. Plus my Obese side shows WAY too much.

Must do more Wii Fit!