Thursday, November 15, 2007


We have this little Tigger, and when you press his hand he sings the Tigger song, you know the one that goes " The wonderful thing about Tiggers,..." Anyway, Danny loves it, in fact he loves it so much that he will play it over and over again. Cool.

Way better than watching Barney, or the Wiggles, again and again.

Well half of the duo from down south are gone, which means that we are getting closer to being on our own at the PITA ranch. Where, surprise, surprise people aren't as happy as the big cheese thinks they are. What o do? Do I let him know so that he can spaz out about it, or should I just keep it to myself, and you fellow readers? Personally, I think that I will just kind of chill out for a while, besides I might get a lead on a position in Huntsville if I keep it cool, you know.

Not much else to say, other than no big revelations with Jesus this morning, although I was quite the tired one. Stayed out with the dynamic duo and the big cheese eating,drinking and being merry. Saw the first snow flurries of the season - I still haven't broken out the jacket yet. (Don't know why, so don't ask). I think today it got up to forty, it's supposed to be the same tomorrow.

I wonder if I am not typing the keys hard enough, because I noticed that a few words were misspelled up there. Oh well.