Monday, November 12, 2007


I actually have a comment on one of my posts. What the heck? Amazing though I think it's one of them tar spammers. Oh well, first comment.

Whoo Hoo!!

Fun day at the PITA today. Some biggly-wigglies are in town to help us convert our old system to the new system. Actually, they came here because they are sadists, or is it masochists? Anyway, they are here to deal with the one and only and all of her questions.

Lucky them.

I actually had a brainstorm and it might actually help things around here, from that other room. We'll see. More on that in a couple of weeks, if it happens. :-)

I tease, therefore I am.

Can't remember... did I mention that the Broncos won? Way cool, let me tell you. Unfortunately, the Colts lost, who would have thought that Mr. Automatic Veneteri - however you spell it, missed not one but two field goals. The first was a rushed job, from about 42 yards away. The second was a 29 yard chipshot, I say chipshot because I can actually make one from that far. It's only 5 yards, I think, from a PAT. Oy!!

Oh well, I better wrap this up now, because I have to head out and pick up B from Scouts.