Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PITA part Deux

Oh my goodness. I think that the natives are driving me nuts.

First we got LD bitching about staying up all night getting upset over her little raise - of which I tried to reminder her that it was BIGGER than mine.

"Bullshit Roger!"

Well, it is true. I have seen the numbers and they don't lie. I think the reason JC didn't have me in when he gave the rest of the Admin staff their evals/raises is because he knew I would just go nuts over it. Okay, so if this were to be a sign for me, I think I need to find a new JOB.

Unbelievable. You'd think that I would get a little bigger piece of the pie, afterall I was responsible for nearly 20% of all the billing here. We had a RECORD year! This company blows and the sooner I am out of here the better, I think. Of course, JC says that JP is working on something from LR.


I'm just sick and tired of all the BS! If I had somewhere else to go, I'd be there!

Speaking of being there... I'm gonna go home and be there with my kids.

More later, maybe.