Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

Well yeah.

Especially with the Broncos playing the Titans tonight on ESPN. Unfortunately, I am too dirt-ass poor to pay for cable, that I will not be able to enjoy the game. C'est la vie!

Look at me speaking, er writing, in French.

Anyway, as much as I would love to watch the game, only so I can become the animal that I really am, when the Bronc's screw up, I can't. So, if my computer is working properly - by that I mean my internet connection, I will more than likely be sitting in front of the screen watching the Gamecast on or, whichever one shows the Broncos winning, of course.

I have probably jinxed them, so they'll lose by eighty now. Ugh - it has been one of those seasons. I was so excited about them going to SuperBowl XLII this year. Alas, it looks like New England will be going 19-0 and taking all of the fun out of it. Oh well. It is just a game, right?

The Dynamo are the champions of the MLS for the second year-in-a-row, whoo hoo!

Who are the Dynamo, and what sport do they play?

Ahyes, those of you that don't follow the MLS don't realize who the Dynamo are. The are a great soccer team from Houston Texas. So there, now you know.

The Queen and Prince Phillip have been married for sixty years!! Wow! She's been the Queen for fifty-five of them. Congrats go out to Queen Elizabeth II, God Save the Queen, indeed.

I'm in charge at work this week, since the BOSS decided to take off today instead of tomorrow, or Wednesday like he originally planned.

Party Time!!

Not much else really, other than the computer/internet not working so good at home. I guess I'll have to bring a backup for tonight. :-) Shhh, don't tell.

See ya later!