Sunday, November 11, 2007


Saw a great movie tonight called Bella. Too bad it isn't in wide release though. The movie has a great message about life and just how precious it really is. I HIGHLY recommend you to see it. So go... NOW!

Next up, the Broncos won today!!! Yea!! Now if San Diego loses tonight, then the Broncos will be tied for first place. Granted it's still a pretty crappy record, at 4-5, but it is still first place! Can't believe that I actually wrote that.

So there is this great movie out that you all need to seee, called Bella. A great story about how precious life is, go see it.

You know what else I saw at the movie theater? A poster for a movie called 'Rambo.' Go figure. Not too many original ideas out there I guess, so why not bring back some iconic figure from the '80's. Maybe the writer's strike will bring some fresh ideas, maybe.

Okay, gotta go, it's close to beddy-bye time.