Friday, November 2, 2007


What the heck is that? Well thanks to me being bored at work, I stumbled upon this blog and she explains it all. So there.

Okay NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month, which advocates posting on your blog everyday during the month of November. Way easier than writing a novel in a month, but... I shall not give up my novel writing this month for nothing (total word count: 0) [never said I wasn't a procrastinator]. Interesting, I never thought of using those with English.... hmmm.

Where was I?

Don't know, something about writing something everyday about ... something. How about that?

So now I have two NaMo thingies, maybe we can create something else, like NaEa3MMo (National Eating 3 Musketeers Month), it's worth a shot, all I need is a website and some press and voila! It is set in netspace stone, or something way more creative!


Two days down and 28 to go... I think I can succeed at this, no problem. The novel? Talk to me on Monday, or better yet Saturday (Dec 1), and I will let you know. Of course I can't keep that away from here too long, so...

Stay tuned.