Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PITA - Time!


What a day, let me tell you. I have a fairly normal and consistent routine when I come in to work in the morning. I arrive anywhere from 4:30 (Ha!) to 6:00am, fire up the ol' computer, go fill my cup with ice and then cover that ice with some refreshing Diet Coke. Yummy, so satisfying, hard to believe that I want to drop it from my life forever.... we'll see.

Anyway, after doing all the above, I come back to the computer, where it should be ready for the new day. It takes about five minutes on good days to get up to speed, somedays a little longer. (Like Mondays?) Then I go through my morning backlog reports , where I take them and spread them to the world of the lab, and they welcome them with open arms, no, really they do. :-)

To put into perspective the day I had, I still haven't sent out the backlog reports. No point now, really, besides there will be tomorrow's. My problems began with my trying to get a new backlog report downloaded to my computer, then it was let's pull Roger in to as many directions possible. First it was LD, then SM, then EC, then JS, then.....

Yikes! I finally got the email up and running by, oh 11-ish. Then it was lunch and networking, which gave everyone back at the office time to reload. :-) Now, I am here by myself, trying to get motivated about getting some work done. Ugh! Actually, I'll be saved by the bell soon, because I have a "Cookie Mom/Dad" meeting for Jenni's Girl Scout troop. I haven't benn the last few years, but they have made some changes, so... I should probably go. I hope it's a relatively short meeting, but I somehow doubt that will be the case.

Okay, my mind just blanked. I kid you not, I was going to write so much more, but nothing's there. Heck, I'm surprised I have typed this much. Maybe I'm working through the block, and this will become an eight thousand word entry.... NOT!!

More another time - at least tomorrow, gotta keep the NaBloPoMo streak going, you know. At least it's better than my NaNoWriMo stats, I have probably two thousand words for one story, two thousand for another and several hundreds still in my head... but my enthusiasm there has waned a bit, and I really am losing interest there. I should just work at my own pace... zzzzzzzz.... SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!

Bye bye