Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Soap Opera

Yep, my work life is a Soap Opera.

My goodness, what a pain in the ass (PITA) today was. It started out okay, at 5am, because no one was here! :-)

Actually, it wasn't too bad for the first half of the day. After lunch... Oy! The funny thing was that we were just talking about how things looked good here and that everything was coming together...


Oh man, blah blah did this and is calling me an idiot, okay blah blah why did you call blah blee an idiot? I didn't, but blah blee is one.

Anyway, we get them settled down when blah blee goes and riles up blah blah again and...


Okay, firt off, I need to come up with some better names than blah blah and blah blee, but I swear that was all I heard.

It gets better.

Time to tell everyone what crappy raises they are getting. You know, we kick some serious ass around here and all we're getting is a lousy 2-3% raise. WTF?!! If I didn't get mine earlier in the year I'd be pretty PO'd myself, but since I pretty much got a 30% bump this year, I can't really complain. Add to the fact that I'm working tons of OT, and I'm running laps around everyone, pay wise.

Our little secret.

Anyway, it is now fourteen hours since I arrived here this morning - I'm going home.