Saturday, November 3, 2007

What starts with "G"

Why that would be the word gibberish.

Do you realize that I have been spelling that word wrong, for the absolute longest time. Why has no one corrected me? Or did they, and I just didn't pay attention.

I only found out because of, get this, microsoft's spell-check. You know the one that says you misspelled a word, when you really didn't. Anyway, I didn't trust this source, nope had to pull down the Webster's American Dictionary College Edition - makes me feel smarter.

Know what I found? There is a word 'jib,' which has something to do with a crane, but no 'jibberish.' Makes sense, especially since I wasn't talking about cranes, that the word I wanted was there as well, only spelled with a 'g' - gibberish.

I feel so embarrassed.

Okay, I'm over it.

How can Linkin Park be so popular when they have that dude Chester screaming ALL THE TIME? Who knows? I still like them. :-)