Friday, November 30, 2007

The End

of NaBloPoMo is here. Now, since this is last minute, it will probably be short. Also, not sure what clock we're going off of but it is currently 10:40pm here, so I made the deadline!!

Now, what to write about? Lots actually, but I don't know if I can in my current condition.... the condition of having to go #2! Eww!! Hey, it happens.

Short and sweet, got up, got dresssed, drove to Chicago, saw the Field Museum of Natural History, got back in car, drove home, took Jenni Christmas shopping -- bought tons of stuff!, went to a late dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, came home, put Danny to bed (yep, at 10:30!), because the babysitters (A & B) were asleep, hopped on computer, here I am!


Longer version will fill in any and all gaps, but I have to go and take care of something, right now!!

C - Ya!