Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh The Humanity!!

Okay, so what I write here doesn't actually pertain to the title, but it was the first thing that popped into my head when I came here to type my daily diatribe about, whatever I am diatribing about. Okay, so English is my second language... I kid, because I can.

So how goes the race out there? Let me tell you.. the Scots lost a heartbreaker to the Italians, so they are now out of Euro 2008. England got a reprieve today when Israel beat Russia. Now watch them blow it against Croatia, the English that is. They should be in, since the just need a draw, but.... Russia needs to beat Andorra, who hasn't won a match yet, and hope that Croatia beats England on Wednesday.

I'm wearing the new school hat of my beloved Broncos today, mainly because it was there and my hair looks like crap. Maybe I need another haircut, or I could just take a shower every now and again. Pee Ewe! Not sure if that is correct or not, but not really caring either.

Another twelve glorious hours at work today, actually I think it is closer to fourteen, in my mind. :-) The other good thing about working this many hours is that I have officially surpassed the threshold being taxed for social security. Second time I have ever done that, with the last time it happened, I didn't have to work as hard. :-) Who knows, maybe next year I won't have to work as long either, as I may be moving up in the world. I, of course, will believe that when I see it. It appears that I am the only one that did not get my raise on the last check... what is up with that?!?!!

Ohio State beat up on Michigan 14-3, to keep their season alive as far as the BCS is considered.

Illinois beat Northwestern, don't know the final, so I really should be carefful there. Who knows, maybe they made a comeback... NOT!

Yeppers, I am bored and am having moments of whatever this is... I should save some for tomorrow, or else the NaBloPoMo goes down in flames! I am more than halfway through, I wonder how everyone else is doing? Maybe.

Oh well, I'm tired of doing this for now, so I shall scoot on along and chit-chat later!