Tuesday, November 27, 2007


No, it's not something cool, more than likely, it's a cold. That sucks. What should I expect though after spending several hours (about 7 of them) out in the cold, and four of them screaming my head off. Okay, so I only screamed a few times - but for a good reason, mind you, not like what Chester does with Linkin Park. Of course, if I could do that and make lots of money, I would. I digress.

Anyway, people all around me think that I look sick, and sound sick, I am a little more on the crabby side (yes, I took my meds!), and I have to blow my nose every 79 seconds. Maybe I am getting sick. I really don't feel like it, but... The sick person is always the last to know, right? Anyway, so now I am stuck in a quandary. Do I go home and try to take a nap, or do I tough it out and stay at work? As much as I think I would like a nap, I doubt if I would actually sleep. No, it has nothing to do with the kids, it has something to do with my, for lack of a better term, biological clock. If it is daylight outside, I am less apt to sleep, believe it or not. Now there are some occasions where that theory is blown right out the window, like when I get winded while getting a twinkie or something. Seriously though, I don't believe that I will get a nap in, if I go home, and if I do I will probably be awakened before it would help and be more of a crab, then.

The second part just plays with my greed, pure and simple. You see, if I stay for as long as I was planning, I will collect two more hours of overtime pay, and I can always use more money. Who couldn't, right? It seems like the more I make, the more I spend, so what's the answer to that problem? Make less? Who knows. Now, if I stay all day, I will be tired and I will be a little more edgy/crabby, however knowing my history, I think that this might be the better choice, because I am more of an ass if I get woken up early, and...

Sorry, about that. There was a dramatic pause for those of you not paying attention.

Anyway, I just remembered that I have Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup, so all is good now. I also took a couple of decogestants, figuring that it can't hurt either.

More later...