Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday!!

You know the day when all the retailers say they finally made some money for the year. It is also the day where normal sane people brave the weather and stand in line for a chance to get a "door-buster" - that special deal that will NEVER happen again - you know the one where the last week before Christmas you can find it for less than the DB price.

Who the heck would go through all of that?

Me. And I was solo. Go figure, right. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to spend money on Jenni and the kids whenever I get the chance. I just don't usually do it at five in the morning. As it turns out, I had only one store to go to and one item to look for/purchase. That was Jenni's Christmas present.

By the way, if you are keeping score at home, this is the first time that I have been told what to buy her for Christmas in our married life. So, after fifteen years of wedded bliss, I no longer have to choose. Cool? We'll see. :-)

So here I am in the 20 degree weather - you just knew that it was going to be cold, didn't you? At least it wasn't snowing or worse, windy. As I said, I'm standing in line with all the other "idiots" waiting to buy Jenni a Garmin GPS unit for $128 - great deal, I guess, for something that retails normally at over $200. Personally, I would have chosen one with more "bells and whistles" (like Australian accents!), but Jenni wisely reminded me that we don't need all of that, and well there is the whole, how much would we use it issue.

Okay, I'm standing outside, in line, at 4:35am, with about 120 people in front of me. What do you think the odds are of my getting the Garmin? Yep. So, Jenni might be getting more "bells and whistles" anyway.

Hold that thought.... I'm on a mission for Jenni... be back in a few...

Okay, I'm back after an unsuccessful search of the attic for some missing decorations. Gonna have to find them, or else. :-)

Another observation I made while waiting in line. Approximately five minutes before the doors to the store opened, people started appearing near the entrance. This lady in front of me was going on and on, saying "no they didn't, no they didn't just do that!" Ma'am, yes they just did, and there really isn't anything you or I can do about it, so...

I moseyed my way on through the 'chaos' of a Black Friday. Got back to where the Garmin's are supposed to be, and I think I saw one customer walk away with two of the GPS devices (probably on eBay as we speak), and I only saw one more after that.


They had three? Unbelievable. Who am I kidding, it actually is quite believable. So I left the store and called Jenni to tell her the bad news - I think she's okay with it, but if I would have got up sooner....

Doubt it, really I do.

I did go back in and picked up a couple of items - can't mention them here though, don't want to ruin any surprises. :-)

At 9, me, Andy and Benjy were at the Boy Scout tree lot. Yep, it's that time of the year when we get to sell Christmas Trees to the fine citizens of Batavia. A tradition that has been going on for more than sixty years. Wow! Who knew? Anyway, I listen to the message left last night, regarding start time, etc.. and heard "tomorrow morning at 8..." Ah crap! We thought it was supposed to be nine. Oh well, we did get there in time to unload the tree though. Always a fun experience, although some of them there scouts need to get a little stronger work ethic. They all wanted to be on the truck, until they realized that they would have to do some work. What? We have to do what? No way, dude. I just want to be on top of the trees - look at me!! Okay, all fine and good, now give me a tree, please.

After three hours at the lot, Andy and I made our 'escape' and headed home. Benjy stayed and helped for another hour - and got some pizza, so not all bad. Benjy and I were back at the lot at five to work our shift. In four hours, the boys sold three trees. Slow night, I guess. But Benjy got an extra $42 into his scout account because of our efforts, so not too bad for him, or us, because that will help pay for upcoming scouting events.

Told you about the misadventures of some of our Christmas decorations already, so... I shall bid you all a good night, and fill you in on more of my exciting life!