Thursday, October 11, 2007


Okay, these reviews are taking way longer than I expected - which is rather annoying to me... Already it is nine o'clock and....

Rockies -------4
Diamonbacks - 1

Okay, can't complain for a while at least. Oh it is the bottom of the fifth as I type that. Maybe another update shortly.

Uh oh, two on with two out... Francis gave up a single to Webb and walked Young. Time to get Drew out and move on to the sixth. Good job by Torrealba coming out to try and calm his pitcher down... let's see if it works.


Now we have a full count - this will be interesting to look at in a few days, months, years time. Foul ball - time for a curve ball from Francis ... Drew is swinging early trying to get ahead of the fast ball. A curve ball will probably get him.

I'm wrong. Fastball strike swinging..

Whoo Hoo!!