Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chicago Fire!

No, I'm not talking about the infamous fire from long ago, where a cow - of all things - was blamed for. No, we're talking about the Major Leaugue Soccer team the Chicago Fire! That's where we'll be tonight.

In honor of Benjy's thirteenth birthday, he was given some tickets to see the Fire in action. These are great seats as well, basically the front row, halfway between the penalty box and midfield. We are close enough that when we yell to Twellman that he's a 'sissy man,' he will turn and look at us, then smile and shake his head. At least that's what we think he was doing. :-)

Seriously, Benjy has had some great sporting events to go to for his birthdays. He saw the Bears vs. Eagles (his favorite NFL team), with two of his friends a few years ago. Again, great seats and best of all, for Benjy, the Eagles won!

Here's a picture from that fine day three years ago. Benjy is, yep, in the middle all painted up in Eagles green and wearing his favorite shirt, his Donovan McNabb #5 jersey. As you can tell it is a bit worn. Jeremy on the right is wearing his Rex Grossan #8, even though Grossman had spent most of that year sitting on the bench, injured. And Drew, on the left is just confused. :-) Actually, Drew didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so he was decked out with Eagle face paint and a Bears jersey. Oh well.

Anyway, me and the boys had a great time then, just like we will have a great time tonight. Hopefully, I'll remember to bring a camera and take some pics tonight. We'll be going with RJ and Michael, who I've coached soccer to for several years - maybe they'll be able to see what I was trying to tell them. :-)