Sunday, January 24, 2010

When I'm Wrong

Sorry, no pictures this week. I'm sure we took some, but they are still in the camera and I'm too lazy to get them. So...

Guess what?

I was wrong tonight. Yep, me, wrong.

Worst part, I was wrong about my beloved Denver Broncos .


Yep, I was thinking that David Treadwell was the barefoot kicker for the Broncos, it turns out that it was actually Rich Karlis .


Oh, and there were witnesses as well, so now my Broncos card might have to be revoked. So please don't tell anyone, okay?

We have the Indianapolis Colts against the New Orleans Saints playing in the Super Bowl this year.

Who are you picking to win?

Will you even be watching it?

I'm an AFC guy, so I think I might pull for the Colts, but the Saints going to their first Super Bowl would make a pretty nice story, if they were to win. So check back later, and I might have my mind made up by then.

Go Broncos!! (just thought I would throw that in)


Arizona really was a gas...

Night all!