Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten Again

I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life. ~ George Burns

While growing up, I always wanted to go to space and live in a simply awesome spaceship, of my own design.

It was awesome, let me tell you. I even built a model of it in my back yard and had hours of fun imagining places to visit and species to see. It had everything one could ever need while in space, an agriculture deck, several in fact. I had at least two levels dedicated to growing crops, of all kinds - even the stuff I didn't like. Then there were the two decks of animals, mostly sheep, cows, chickens, you know all the ones you could get food from, and clothing.

No horses though, I mean that would be silly.

Speaking of silly, why did I have so many decks dedicated to food, I mean I could have saved space by creating pills that gave you all your nutrients, etc. Of course, as a ten-year old, who wants to live on pills alone, especially when you can have a steak instead?

Maybe my ten-year old self was onto something.

Don't talk to me about the whole slaughter/rendering aspect, I don't like thinking of that now, so I 'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have thought about it back then.

I had an exercise deck, gotta stay in shape ya know? We're talking Olympic-sized swimming pools, that's right I had more than one, and every piece of exercise equipment known to man, heck even some that were unknown I bet.

Should have thought of a pill for that as well.

The theater was an IMAX-type, with 100 foot screens, tall and wide, actually it was probably more like 150 feet wide. There were personal quarters for everyone on board, along with science stations and other things that I though was important that I can't recall. Pretty sure I had a wicked weapons system, for self-defense, of course.

Those were the days.

Now all I do is read about them, and wonder what happened to that ten-year old's dream. Worse than that though, in my opinion, is that I don't think that many ten-year olds have those same dreams nowadays because of Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox. Not to mention the hundreds of television channels with nothing on, or worse, shows that tell kids what to think instead of allowing them to come up with their own ideas. Kind of sad now that I think of it.

I kinda miss that ten-year old.