Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My House Has Been Invaded!

Andy invited some friends over.

So they came.

Lots of them.

Normally they would head down to the basement and our massive theater room, but tonight the just want to hang with Jenni.

I am so jealous.

Then again, maybe they want to see Timothy.

Babies do that, I hear. You know, attract the attention of teenagers, especially teen aged girls. Lots of oohs, and ahhs.

One of Andy's best-est friends of all, Megan, brought over a friend of hers that is going to the same college in the fall. Wow. They are even majoring in the same thing, I think. Wanna know what is funny about the previous sentence there? I was just going to mention how he hasn't even talked to her.

I'm such a spy.

Not really.

I am actually surprised that the little ones, sans Timmy, haven't woken up yet. The volume is definitely increasing. Makes me want to say SHHHH! Like a librarian.

I'm so jealous of Librarians.

They get to say SHHHH! with such authority.

I think I am done now.