Monday, July 27, 2009

Stiff-Legged Dogs

Deep thoughts.

Really Deep thoughts.

Thoughts so deep, I'm going to need a light soon, cause it's getting dark.

Must be time for another attempt at a quality blog post.

Or maybe I'm just stalling.

Today, I want to tell you about my dog, Quigley. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, that apparently forgets that he is a dog. Like when it comes time to jump, anywhere. I mean what dog can't jump?

He also appears to be not very bright either. Granted I know he is a dog and that dogs have the brains of, well a dog. They have no opposable thumbs, which gives us the power to rule over them. If ruling consists of feeding, bathing and cleaning up after them, that is.

Anyway, my dog Quigley, is a great dog really. Not a fan of his not being able to jump, but other than that he's a good dog. Unfortunately, he also has some serious allergies, which makes him a not-quite-so-attractive dog anymore.

So, tonight he had something in his mouth. We all knew it.

Jenni knew it.

I knew it.

Jessie knew it.

Quigley knew it. Oh he sure did. He just knew that he had something in his mouth because a) he had a really guilty looking face, b) he kept trying to avoid being near us, thus saving him the embarrassment of having our fingers probe his mouth (eww, just in case you were wondering... eww), and c) his back legs quit moving naturally.


That's right, his rear legs do the whole stiff leg routine, kind of like if you were to walk without bending your knees. It looks funny on humans, now imagine it on your dog, or cat if you prefer. Pretty funny if you can imagine.

You can tell when your kids are lying to you or did something wrong, for the most part. Well, I have a dog that I can read pretty well too.

Speaking of my dog, he just left me a present to clean up. Such a good boy!