Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Sunday Sensational Stuff, #1

Also known as the four esses.

Or if you prefer 4s.

Also known as another attempt to start a meme of sorts that will catch like wildfire, you know, because I need to feel justified about stuff. Especially stuff here.

I also might be a tad insecure.

So what will Super Sunday Sensational Stuff include?

Good question, with the obvious answers being it will happen on Sunday - which historically (like I really know this) no one visits blogs on Sundays. Something about having a life. Silly thing life, right? Not that life itself is silly, just the thought of having one might seem that way to, uh, some people. Not me, nope. I have plenty of life and lots of it, thank you very much. So that's one ess down, three more to go.

Next, and which should have been first (just look at the title), is super. Now what do you think about when you hear the word 'SUPER' - well I think of bigger and better, like SUPERman, or SUPERsonic, or SUPERTarget. You get the point, I think. That being said, I may be biting off more than can be chewed, because super also means the best, so does that mean these posts will be the best I have to offer all week? Maybe. That is my intention, believe it or not.


I want to set the bar up so high, that you gentle readers (or are you agitated by now?) will just look forward to your Sunday blog reading. I should point out that the Sunday posts may be later in the day than this one is, since I tend to get some free time in the late evenings. Sometimes I even get them in really late. I'm just saying. However, I do have a plan to combat that, see STUFF below.

Next up Sensational - I didn't do an all caps for that one, because, well, it's SENSATIONAL. Did you see that? I bet you scrolled down and saw that first, didn't you. all-caps does that to you. So what will be sensational about these Sunday posts. Meriam-Webster says this:

Main Entry: sen·sa·tion·al
Pronunciation: \-shnəl, -shə-nəl\
Function: adjective
Date: 1840
1 : of or relating to
sensation or the senses
2 : arousing or tending to arouse (as by lurid details) a quick, intense, and usually superficial interest, curiosity, or emotional reaction
3 : exceedingly or unexpectedly excellent or great

Sounds impressive, no? Not anticipating a #2 either, are you? After all, I have tried many a different theme for Sunday, and I either forget them, or... nope I just forget about them.

Stuff is easy, and what I am a master of. Yep, stuff. I have email folders labeled as stuff. I have folders labeled as stuff. I even have folders inside of other folders that are labeled stuff. Let's not forget the blogger label I have for this blog, also called Stuff.

My point.

I know stuff. I like stuff. I write stuff. So stuff seems to be a natural word to use, and while super and sensational may change, I can guarantee you that Stuff never will. Ever. Ever-ever!

There you have it, my rules have been laid out, and now we can begin bringing you the 4S for this week. I should also mention, that I thought up this idea a few minutes ago, as I started typing this post up. So, be warned, these posts may be really long, or extremely short. I probably should have mentioned that earlier, but I forgot.

Danny's smile qualifies for a 4S - easy!

Maggie's going to be an architect. She can build our dream house for us. 4S, 4 sure!

It's not Abbey Road, but Andy, Marissa, Kevin and Benjy are trying to recreate it at Wrigley... okay, not really, but hey, watching a game at Wrigley qualifies as a 4S!

Have a great Sunday!
P.S. - I have no idea why there are all the different colors, since I only added the red. Ah, the joy of Blogger.