Thursday, July 23, 2009


I hate when it happens, but maybe I'm just getting tired. Anyway, I cannot think of anything to write here, so unless you see a whole bunch of words following this sentence, we'll see you later.

Ever think of living in a cave? I mean the temperature would remain fairly constant, so as long as you got used to that, I imagine it wouldn't be too bad. Besides, you can always set up a stove or something to heat it. Plus, if you have lots of blankets... Then there is the whole dampness thing, so I imagine some sort of heater would be necessary.

If your cave was in a forest, you would have plenty of fuel for your fire. A fire that would be used to heat your cave, keep your cave dry, keep mosquitoes away, oh yeah, and cook with.

But what do you cook? I mean are you headed to your cave with an endless supply of non-perishable foods? That's not very practical. You can always bring along, let's say, a year's worth of supplies, and make sure to include seeds to plant for future fresh veggies. If you want some meat, or fish, well I can't imagine being squeamish will help you much there. Granted you can just eat it raw, but until your body gets used to it, you will probably get sick. A lot. So cooking your catch would be preferable. I imagine fish would be the easiest, and if you live near a stream or river, or even a lake or pond, they would be the most plentiful.

Hm. I just looked up from the monitor and my mind went blank again. Well, at least I have some issues to work out for my character, or maybe I will make it a couple of characters. People that want to give it all away, or should I say run away from it all.

Oh well, at least I have something to work with. Who knows maybe I will bring it all back.