Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Not What I Think

Because that just wouldn't make any sense.

I will now try to explain, but first you should know that I have been up, more or less, since three this morning. Roughly twenty hours, so maybe you might want to turn away now, and just come back tomorrow. This may not be pretty.

Alrighty then, I have my nonsense out of the way, let's get to the meat of the matter...

Why are newborn babies feet so cool? I mean they just are the cutest little things, aren't they. Currently Timothy's foot is as big as my thumb. Check back in a decade and we'll see if it has grown any.


I am really very excited that football season is about to start. I don't know why, just that I'm pretty excited about it, even though NO ONE thinks that the Denver Broncos are going to do anything this year. Bummer.


I wonder how well read a review of all the books in the Bible would go over.


Torchwood is kind of a cool British show, sort of a spin-off of Doctor Who. It is too late for me to watch it now, but I do have a DVR.


USA plays Honduras in soccer, at Soldier Field in Chicago. I think it would be cool to check it out, but I think I will just watch it on the television, even if it is in Spanish.


I'm surprised that I had this much to spew, I figured I would give y'all 22 words and be done. Now I can't seem to stop, but I know I should, so...