Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Government is Evil

Just take a look at this chart, describing the House Democrats Health Plan (socialized Medicine). Now, I know that this chart was presented by the other side, the Republicans, but having dealt with government bureaucracies in the past, there is no doubt a lot of truth to the whole thing. No wonder they don't read the bills that they sign.
So what can we do about it? Nothing at the moment, except to pressure your congressional delegates to slow down and put together a good comprehensive plan, not one that has been thrown together at a break neck pace. I mean the only reason that everything is getting pushed through so quickly, is because the president and his party are starting to wear on the American people. Would I like to see health care costs come down? Sure would. Do I think that the government should get involved? Heck no. Look at Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and any other government run beast. You will generally find a paperwork nightmare, where just because you got some overtime, it now means you no longer qualify for government aid, yet you stand in line behind someone wearing designer clothes, talking on an iPhone and driving away in an Escalade, pay with the food stamps that you don't qualify for.
Government is meant to only provide for the common defense of our country, the general welfare (meaning making sure that we have good food, medicine, roads, etc. not people getting on and staying on welfare), insure justice, and domestic tranquility and secure the blessings of our liberty. No where does it state that medical care is a basic human right that the government should provide. Our country is what it is, because of the people living here, not because of the government. I could go on, and probably will, especially if this whole being allowed to rent a house that you got foreclosed out of, gains steam. I mean, at the rate it's going, there really will be no need to work anymore because the government will take care of you.
A scary proposition, indeed.

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